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Patient Group

Are you interested in getting involved?

Langley House Surgery has a virtual patient group, i.e an email community whose views and opinions can help us to deliver a more effective service. This Practice is committed to improving the services we provide to our patients. We would  like to be able to email our patients occasionally to ask them their views about the surgery and how well we are doing and to identify areas of improvement.


If you would like to participate please give your email address to reception.

Results of Patient Survey

Thank you to all our 881 patients who responded to our Surveymonkey questionnaire in October 2018, asking your opinion about our services.  This is by far the best response we have had from a patient survey and the whole team were thrilled that the patients responding rated us 5.96/7 overall ie showed an 85% satisfaction with the surgery.  Please Click here for our full patient survey results.

We thought it worthwhile clarifying a few issuing arising from the survey:-

  • We can now take electronic payments for prescriptions and other private services.
  • When booking appointments online, please remember to look carefully at the location of the appointment (either Langley House or the Bosham Surgery).  The location will also be printed on the online appointment confirmation.
  • On the System One app, your booked appointments list will confirm the location of your appointment.  We agree the app is quite limited and we will feed that back to System One, one of the biggest clinical system suppliers across the country.
  • When booking appointments online, if you wish your appointment to be a telephone call from the GP, please indicate this in the “reason” line, together with the telephone number to be used.
  • All our staff, clinical and non-clinical, are fully aware of how vital confidentiality and good communication is when dealing with our patients.  Ongoing roleplay scenarios and training sessions reinforces this message.

Patient Opinion on a Home Visit Policy

We recently circulated our home visit policy to our patient group, asking them to submit any comments as we felt it would be sensible to share with our patients how we prioritise requests.

  • One patient reported support for the policy, considering it to be “very sensible. Too many people request quite unnecessary home visits wasting GPs time, just like those who overwhelm A&E with non emergencies.”
  • One patient queried who decided whether a home visit is appropriate – only our GPs decide whether a home visit is appropriate and this is after a telephone consultation first with the patient.
  • One patient felt that we should give more information on action to be taken in the event of suspected meningitis – we will add this to our policy and website.
  • One patient expressed concern about bringing children with a fever to the surgery – parents do regularly bring children with a fever to the surgery and this is clinically appropriate.  If a parent rang to say that their child was too ill to visit the surgery, this would be prioritised as an immediate telephone consultation with a GP to gain more details.
  • All care is taken with infection control when unwell patients, not just children, attend the surgery eg hand gels, strict procedures for spillage of bodily fluids and isolation of potentially infectious diseases.