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Online Access to Medical Records

For many years now, patients have been able to order their repeat medication and books appointments via our online, password-protected system.  From 1.4.15, you can also view summary medical record information including any allergies and adverse reactions.  This will be expanded during 2015 and it is hoped will include test results, letters, immunisations and consultations.  If you wish to do join our “online” community, please contact reception to complete a form and bring two forms of identification with you, one of which should be photo ID.  We apologise for the bureaucracy but with fuller access to medical records, we have ensure the highest standards of data protection and patient confidentiality.  Patients already registered for online access need take no further action; you will now see additional information displayed on your computer screen.

 NHS England recommend that practices adopt a very cautious approach to allowing parents’ access to their child’s medical record once the child reaches the age of 11, especially in light of the extended access to medical records in 2015 as well as appointment booking and requesting repeat prescriptions.  Children vary in the age at which they are able to make an independent and informed decision about who should have access to their record.  Langley House has decided to adopt the most practical approach and withdraw parents’ access as soon as the child reaches 11 unless there are exceptional circumstances.  A young person may decide at a point, once they are mature enough to act autonomously, to request access themselves